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How To Make Painting Your Ceiling Much Easier

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When you are painting drywall interiors, the hardest part is usually doing the ceiling. Many people neglect to paint their ceiling, but it is always a good idea to do it while you are painting your vertical walls. A fresh new coat of white ceiling paint will make your new wall colors pop. The ceiling, especially a flat one is a pain in the neck (literally and metaphorically). However, if you are prepared and have the right tools, you can make the process much more manageable.

Paint Your Ceiling First

First, it is always important that you paint your ceiling before you paint your walls. Painting on the ceiling is messier than painting walls, so there will be a lot of dripping no matter what. If your walls are a darker color than the ceiling, any white paint that drips on your walls during painting will be easy to paint over. If you paint your ceiling second, the dripping will ruin your new paint job and you will likely have to repaint much of the vertical walls anyway. Lastly, when you paint your ceiling first, you can paint the edges and corners without needing to mask them off because the new wall paint will cover it up.

Use an Extension Pole, Not a Ladder

Some people think that they need a ladder to reach the ceiling. But, you will do much better to invest in a telescoping painter's pole. These convenient tools allow you to paint with a roller while still standing on the ground. The best part about using a pole is that you aren't painting directly above your head. So, paint is not dripping in your hair and eyes the whole time. By painting at a slight angle, not only is it easier to control the mess, you can also see where you are painting without craning your neck. The key is to paint in complete rows, from one side of the room to the other. This way you don't lose track of what has been painted and what hasn't. Overlap the rows, so you are not left with buildup along the edges when the paint dries.

If you start with a new coat of white paint on your ceilings, you will end up with a nicer paint job altogether. New white ceiling paint will definitely make your walls look brighter too, should you choose to make them a different color.