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Enhance Your Home With The Look Of Warm, Rustic Décor

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There are few settings as comforting and inviting as a warm, country cabin; why not integrate some of these style components into your own home themes? Enjoy the rustic beauty of cabin décor throughout your own abode with some simple design tips that are easy to pull-off:

The living space

A great way to transform your living area or common space in a rustic way is by adding some faux elements to the basic architecture. This could include adding wood paneling to the existing walls or implementing wood trim around the perimeter of the ceiling. Another cool way to bring a rustic touch to the room involves adding wood beams to replicate rafters in spaces with high ceilings; talk with a contractor about these semi-permanent suggestions.

Your bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a warm, welcoming retreat for relaxing, resting, and renewing your spirit. Use a mixture of textures and fabrics to make your bed and furnishings as inviting as possible, and use a wide range of colors to establish a casual cabin theme. Wood furniture is both a practical and visually cohesive look for your bedroom, that will fit in your overall design scheme; talk with furniture retailers about distinctive wood furnishings to complete your vision.

The kitchen

There are many ways to replicate the charm of a cabin in the home's kitchen, and consider some ways to make this the hub of the home. Some suggestions when styling the kitchen include:

  • Use the walls of the kitchen to display culinary collectibles, utensils, and crockery.
  • Bring a wood rocking chair into your kitchen for a warm, enticing element.
  • Keep the colors of the kitchen bright and sunny, and allow for as much natural light as possible.
  • If possible, keep wood trim and features looking as natural as possible. Instead of painting these surfaces, use lemon oil to bring them to life.

Your bathroom

Go with a warm color palette for your bathroom, such as ivory, taupe, and rich brown to create cohesion with your cabin design theme. Look for a large wash basin and pitcher at décor stores to set up near the sink for a rustic feel. If you are only using these components for aesthetics, fill the basin with potpourri, stones, or shells for a visual display in your bathroom.

Create a comfortable, casual vibe in your home with some rustic cabin décor. The results will invite and welcome family, friends, and guests when they come to your home. Visit home décor retail venues to find cabin décor that will fit in your home designs, and that will transform your current spaces into a charming, woodsy retreat.