Home Craft Ideas for Young Children

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Foam Block Sensory Activities

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Foam building blocks can be used during activities that are designed to improve your preschooler’s or young student’s sensory skills. Purchase a few packs of children’s big building blocks and prepare activities for your children that implement sorting, building, and identification skills. Sorting Station Dump blocks into several crates that are each the same size. Use your hands to mix the contents of each container. Set the containers on the floor and add an empty group of crates next to them. Read More»

Properly Blowing Up Helium Balloons And Safety

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You can’t have a party without balloons! Helium balloons put people in the festive mood, and they create a beautiful decor. If you need balloon arrangements for corporate events, you will want to know exactly how to fill the balloons properly.  Filling up Helium Balloons Most disposable canisters can fill between 30 - 50 9” balloons. Tell your sales representative at the party store exactly how many balloons you need to fill up so you get the correct sized tank. Read More»

Tips For Properly Caring For Your Coin Collection

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If you want to make sure that you are taking good care of your coin collection, you will want to make use of the following helpful tips. Always Handle The Coins While Wearing Cotton Gloves You want to refrain from ever using your bare hands when touching your coin collection. This is because the natural oils from your skin can harm the finish on the coins, rendering them much less valuable. Read More»

Enhance Your Home With The Look Of Warm, Rustic Décor

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There are few settings as comforting and inviting as a warm, country cabin; why not integrate some of these style components into your own home themes? Enjoy the rustic beauty of cabin décor throughout your own abode with some simple design tips that are easy to pull-off: The living space A great way to transform your living area or common space in a rustic way is by adding some faux elements to the basic architecture. Read More»

How To Make A Wood Chore Chart

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Wood cutouts are a handy crafting supply if you aren’t an expert with a jigsaw. Most craft suppliers provide a wide range of cutout designs, allowing you to find almost any shape you want. Purchase a few of these to create a handy, easy-to-use chore chart for your kids. The following guide can walk you through the process. Supplies A wood sign blank, large enough to list all of your children or family members Read More»

How To Make Painting Your Ceiling Much Easier

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When you are painting drywall interiors, the hardest part is usually doing the ceiling. Many people neglect to paint their ceiling, but it is always a good idea to do it while you are painting your vertical walls. A fresh new coat of white ceiling paint will make your new wall colors pop. The ceiling, especially a flat one is a pain in the neck (literally and metaphorically). However, if you are prepared and have the right tools, you can make the process much more manageable. Read More»